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Romanoff Heating & Cooling is committed to delivering world-class HVAC service and repair for residents in Raleigh, Durham and the surrounding communities. We make this possible through the use of highly trained service professionals, industry leading comfort technologies, energy efficiencies and environmentally sustainable HVAC equipment from top brands in the industry.

In Raleigh, HVAC repair and service is important during both the warm- and cold-weather months, due to the temperature extremes we experience in this part of the country. The challenge is big, but we have the experience and know-how to address even the toughest issues related to HVAC repair, maintenance and installation services. When it comes to HVAC, Raleigh residents can count on the technical expertise and decades of experience that our professionals devote to ensuring your in-home comfort.

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Residential AC

HVAC Maintenance


If your furnace is not producing adequate heat or stops working altogether, you can count on the HVAC professionals at Romanoff Heating & Cooling to address your heating repair and service needs. Our emergency heating repair service for residents in the Raleigh, Durham and surrounding areas is available 24/7 – because we believe that no one should be uncomfortable in their own home.

Comprehensive furnace repair and maintenance not only ensures that your furnace runs more efficiently, but it may also extend the life of your unit. That’s why it’s so important not to wait until the last minute to call us. With more than 100 years of combined experience, our technicians are well equipped to diagnose and repair your furnace. Our primary goal is to get your furnace up and running as soon as possible.

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Residential AC

It’s no surprise to anyone who lives here that Raleigh experiences some of the hottest heat and humidity in the country. When you need home AC repair in Raleigh, Durham or any of the surrounding areas, you want timely, dependable service in a hurry. Our AC repair, installation and maintenance services are second to none, and our trained technicians bring you emergency AC repair when you need it most.

Even when it’s not an emergency, we deliver top-notch service and craftsmanship that helps to ensure your AC unit is operating as efficiently as possible. That’s why our experts are trained to look at all aspects of your home, from temperature and humidity levels to the proper size of your HVAC equipment. We can diagnose your home AC repair needs, install a new AC unit or provide AC maintenance services that ensure your comfort and promote energy efficiency.

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HVAC Maintenance

Much like an automobile, regular maintenance is essential for HVAC equipment to operate efficiently and effectively. Ongoing maintenance can improve the
performance and increase the lifespan of your unit, so you not only save money by using less power but you may also avoid bigger, more costly repairs. We provide you with a comprehensive checklist of your heating and cooling needs, which includes:

  • Specifications about how your unit is running
  • The analytics of your system
  • A checklist that measures the effectiveness of your unit

In Raleigh, HVAC maintenance is especially necessary, given the temperature extremes we experience throughout the year. Our experienced technicians can diagnose potential issues long before they become a problem. By offering a two-tiered maintenance program, we remain committed to delivering exceptional service for Raleigh residents.

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HVAC Repair, Maintenance & Installation

At Romanoff Heating & Cooling, we have the experience and expertise to provide full-service heating and air conditioning services to residents in Raleigh, Durham and the neighboring communities. Thanks to the technical ability of our trained technicians, some of whom are NATE-certified, we can offer premier HVAC repair and maintenance services to all of our customers. These individuals are trained to examine all aspects of your home, from temperature and humidity to the size of your equipment and the comfort level of your environment.

Whether you need a prompt repair, ongoing maintenance or the replacement of your furnace or AC unit, call us today at [TBD]. Our trained service people work

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